It is me Michal Mackowiak - they call me Maker

You have discovered Michal Mackowiak Home Page. He looks just like the guy on the right. Why people started calling him Maker is shrouded in mystery. Everything began a long time ago...


I was born in 1983 in Koszalin (POLAND) as a first son of Jaroslaw and Malgorzata - to whom I owe who I am.

Sea shore

Since I was a child I liked... going to the sea, and I like building sand castles. I had predicted that I would go on technical studies.

Guard Tower - from the left: Zienio, Maker, Martin, Wyczy

Together with friends from primary school we like going on survival trips. We was building this guard tower whole day... it lasts for a little bit longer.

Physic learning with Szparus

In high school I learnt physics and mathematics - I was working hard as you can see. Thursday dinners at Szparaga became a tradition.

With Panas and Piter in Ustro 129

I spend three years in the Ustronie dorm and and nothin would surprise me any more. I'm studying at Warsaw University of Technology. These are wonderful years.

Horsback riding with Slawek

I decided to learn a horseback riding. This is for sure the most important skill I have evere learnt. Great fun especially when falling down in galop.