This microproject was produced for examination purposes.
During November 2006 we took part in the ATHENS (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/SOCRATES) session in Paris and participated in the ENSAM3 course (Discovering Data Communication Networks for the Information Society) at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers. The course was organised by Jacques Prévost (GIP RENATER and Association Aristote) and Didier Courtaud (CEA and University of Evry) and covered a sort of hot topics related to the Internet and its advanced applications.
According to ATHENS November 2006 ENSAM3 course examination requirements, we were expected to produce a microproject on one of the suggested subjects. Our choice was the microproject on SVG markup language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics.

The subject of our microproject
The objective of our microproject was to prepare and test an SVG script for defining one of the following logos: Athens ENSAM2, Aristote, Renater, Multimedia DESS (University of Evry).
Our choice was the Renater’s logo, which we created according to a pattern found on the Renater’s website The testing procedure included checking whether the created SVG script is “readable” in the 3 currently most popular web browsers
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  • Opera 9
both in the most simple form and with additional transformation options.
We would like to emphasize that IE was our default browser and this website was design to look best on this one.

Structure of this website
This website consists of the following sections
  • INTRODUCTION - This section :)
  • SVG LOGO - The way we have created the SVG Logo of Renater
  • TRANSFORMATION - A list of transformations that we have used during the testing process
  • ANIMATION - 2 sample animations of Renater SVG Logo
  • CONCLUSIONS - A set of our observations concerning presentation of SVG files on abovementioned web browsers
  • AUTHORS - Contact details